Mildenberger Gesamtprogramm 2023 für die Sekundarstufe I (Bestell-Nr. 1759)

69 Sprachen Das Übungsheft Englisch 7 Leseverständnis, Simple Past 4 four Acting children Last term David, Anna, Michael, Ian, Lisa, Peter, Sheila, James, and Aisha – students at St Paul’s High School in Edinburgh, Scotland, went on a three-day class trip to London. It was a big event. Now they are in class 7 and remember their trip. 1 2 I think the Natural History Museum was a boring end of the second day of our trip. I’ve been to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and it was way better. The picnic at Hyde Park on the second day was nice, until Peter splashed water at me and I got angry. To see the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London and to listen to the bloody stories of this famous castle was a great start of the second day. I didn’t like the train journeys. Those five hours there and back on the train were very exhausting. It was funny that they asked us if we had any alcohol or cigarettes with us at the youth hostel. We did the sightseeing tour by bus on the first day. That was great. It would have been a very long walk. Even though I don’t like shopping as much as my sister Lisa, I really enjoyed shopping at Camden Market on our third day. They had a lot of cool baseball caps there. I didn’t like our last activity, the ride on the London Eye. I’m not a fan of heights and I got sick because the pod was shaking a little bit. Three days just weren’t enough to explore all the special places of London. There is way more to see and do. to remember – sich erinnern VERBS there and back – hin und zurück castle – Schloss boring – langweilig even though – obwohl pod – Gondel VOCABULARY Das Übungsheft Englisch 8 nine 9 The road trip: Making a reservation, Hörverstehen Listening Practice: Big Sur State Park 1 During their road trip the Müller family wants to stay close to Big Sur State Park for a couple of nights, so Peter calls the campground to make a reservation. accommodation – Unterkunft for whom – für wen available – verfügbar firewood – Feuerholz VOCABULARY 1 Who is Peter talking to? Mrs Cunning Kailey Kate For whom does Peter reserve an accommodation? his family Horst and Beate Lisa What kinds of accommodations are available? forest cabin or tent tent cabin or tent tent cabin or forest cabin What do they need firewood for? s’mores and a BBQ heating the cabin keeping wild animals away 2 to reserve – reservieren VERBS BIG SUR STATE PARK CAMPGROUND – reservation form – date: cabin type: number of nights: last name: phone number: special request: _1904-43_Inhalt_s01-64.indb 9 21.10.2022 15:31:21 Leseverständnis, Aussagesätze five 5 Acting children Which activities did they do when? 5 4 3 exciting – aufregend during – während on foot – zu Fuß VOCABULARY exploring the Natural History Museum 5h train journey to Edinburgh 5h train journey to London picnic at Hyde Park London Eye ride sightseeing bus tour visiting the Tower of London checking in at the youth hostel shopping at Camden Market right wrong not in the text Michael thinks the train journey was exciting. Sheila liked visiting the Tower of London. Peter bought a new baseball cap at Camden Market. Anna thinks staying at the youth hostel was fun. Diana got angry during the picnic at Hyde Park. Ian enjoyed the London Eye ride. Lisa wanted to do the sightseeing tour on foot. James thinks the Natural History Museum was boring. Michael thinks that the three-day class trip was too long. 1st day 2nd day 3rd day 1st activity 2nd activity 3rd activity twenty-five 25 New York City: Landeskunde General facts about New York City borough – Bezirk population – Bevölkerung inhabitant – Einwohner / -in immigrant – Einwanderer / -in suspension bridge – Hängebrücke VOCABULARY to establish – gründen to reach – erreichen VERBS What do you think of when someone mentions New York City? The Empire State Building, Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge? Do you know that all of those sights belong to New York City’s most famous borough ? 1 New York City was established in . At that time, it was called . In 1664 it was renamed New York when it came under control. NYC is located at the tip of the state New York, right at the . It is the biggest city by population in the US, with about inhabitants. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the Statue of Liberty greeted millions of immigrants as they came to the US and there are about languages spoken in NYC today. The city itself is divided into independent : Manhattan, the smallest borough, , which is connected to Manhattan by the famous suspension bridge, Queens, the borough, Staten Island, which can be reached by , and the Bronx, home of the New York Yankees team. 2 8.85 million five ferry 1624 800 southern New Amsterdam biggest Brooklyn Atlantic Ocean baseball boroughs English _1904-43_Inhalt_s01-64.indb 25 21.10.2022 15:31:43 Das Übungsheft Englisch Je 17 x 24 cm, 64 S., vierf., Gh, mit Kartonbeilage, Stickerbogen und Lösungsheft (16 S.), inkl. 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